EOR Services in Dubai

Streamline your company’s global hiring and payroll operations with Prime Link IT Solutions’ Employer of Record (EOR) services. Partner with us to effortlessly recruit and manage international talents while complying with local employment laws. Seamlessly handle payments in multiple currencies and enable hassle-free growth of your global workforce with us.

Boost your Growth with Prime Link EOR Services

Our Employee On Record services in the UAE grant you rapid access to the market, while we handle compliant paperwork. By establishing a legal agreement with your employees and assuming the role of their employer, we take on all responsibilities. This allows you to focus on boosting your growth and developing your business.

Benefits of Hiring Prime Link EOR Services

Enter New Markets with Ease

We offer well-researched solutions to businesses that want to enter new markets, making their entry effortless and smooth.

No Need to Incorporate an Entity

With Prime Link, you don’t have to waste time incorporating an entity; our EOR services will take care of everything.

Wide Range Of Services

PrimeLink is your reliable partner, providing a wide range of services. We cover everything from HR tasks to payroll management and more.

Establish Strong Presence in the UAE market With Primelink EOR Services

Visa and Work Permit Sponsorships

Eliminate the hassle of managing paperwork for new hires with PrimeLink IT Solutions’ efficient Employer of Record services. Our expertise allows us to sponsor your new hires and obtain the necessary legal documents, enabling them to start working seamlessly. Save time and streamline your onboarding process with us.

Local Labor Law Compliance

Mitigate the risk of non-compliance by ensuring your employment contracts align with legal requirements. Safeguard your organization by providing benefits and compensations in full accordance with the law. Trust PrimeLink to help you navigate the complexities and maintain compliance, promoting a secure and fair work environment.

Provision of Local Legal Entity

With PrimeLink as your legal employer in Dubai, you can bypass the need to establish a local legal entity. We provide the necessary infrastructure, enabling you to operate smoothly without the burden of setting up a separate legal entity. Focus on your business while we handle your employment needs in compliance with local regulations.


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