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Thinqloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was carved out of our IT Delivery Center in India . Founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of providing solutions using Salesforce® technologies. Thinqloud is a certified Salesforce® consulting partner addressing the needs of integrated marketing, sales, and service automation.
The differentiator lies in the “approach” to designing efficient business processes backed by the operational experience of successful business entrepreneurs. Also, a deep understanding of marketing and sales in a medium to long-term consideration purchasing model is the value Thinqloud brings to the table. Thinqloud customers are from around the world and come from different Industry segments – banking, insurance, financial services, healthcare & life sciences, non-profits, retail, consumer goods, and manufacturing.
Salesforce® product proficiency – Salesforce® Platform, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Tableau, Einstein Analytics, CPQ, Financial Services Cloud, NPSP, Heroku, Mulesoft

Implementation Services

Salesforce® Cloud Implementation Services

Thinqloud implementation consultants provide customized Salesforce implementation services to new or existing Salesforce implementations.
For re-implementation services, as we call them, we will first do an org audit and then do deep dive into understanding business processes.
A variety of Salesforce cloud services and tools can be implemented by Thinqloud Salesforce consultants for any business scale. Proper and planned Salesforce implementation is the key.
Business objectives and key results both short term and long term need to be completely understood. Once that is done then mapping features of the application to best meet the business results is the next step.
A combination of existing process maps and best practices need to be implemented. This might even mean changing existing business process. Progress then needs to be monitored, the process needs to be tweaked. Our knowledge of the platform avoid our clients costly and time-consuming pitfalls.
Salesforce implementation services can also mean data migration, data cleaning, process re-engineering, adding customized features, custom reports & dashboards, and integration with other system. All this gets delivered at an affordable price. Here is a good link to review to when getting started. Going forward generally after implementation services one needs support services on an ongoing basis.

Our Salesforce Implementation Services Include

  • Consulting & Strategy Planning

  • Data Migration

  • Quality Assurance

  • Cloud Setup

  • Integration

  • Tailor-made Tools

  • Support

Support Services

Pay As You Use

Salesforce® Support Services from India

Salesforce® support services comes handy when one does not have the required technical skill sets in-house to address a problem that requires specialized skills. These support services could help solve problems soon thereby helping with loss of revenue or with lowering cost. When implementing Salesforce® or when using Salesforce® there could be a need for trouble shooting, feature explanation, new process mapping, improvement of an existing implementation or even training.
Change is constant which could involve process modifications or creating new process. It is sometimes helpful to maybe just have a consultation to discuss the best way forward before making any change.
Outsourcing your requirement to a ready team at our end could be just what you need. Check out our customized Salesforce support plans and packages that encompasses all your Salesforce requirements.
If you were looking for Salesforce® support services directly from Salesforce® you could visit this link .
Realize the full potential of your Salesforce application and engage with our Salesforce experts. We are happy to engage with even small business for their day to day needs. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us and we deliver Salesforce support and maintenance in a pure offshore or onshore-offshore model.

Requirements for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

  • There needs to be a complete understanding of the complete Salesforce environment so as to help address short term, medium term and long term goals

  • Having access to a team that can help with the implementation from time to time

  • Sometimes small changes are required quickly that can bring in huge improvements to operations.

  • Sometimes easy wins can be implemented right out the box and this can get missed

  • Requirements get more and more sophisticated over time with more and more use. How can you get them done quickly and at a lower cost?

  • Change in market conditions require quick modifications to the application

  • Deeper connects will be required across subsystems and must be done quickly

Why Thinqloud?

  • We do not charge you a large retainership giving you the flexibility of using our services as and when you need it

  • Attractively priced and affordable support packages

  • 16 hour per day support window

  • There is a bench strength of diverse skill sets that is available on call

  • Small issues can be capped right away

  • Experienced and Skilled team in business process management and Salesforce

  • ITIL service delivery

Support Services on Tap

Salesforce® Support Services on Tap Pay as you use!

Salesforce® Support, Customization and Implementation Offshore Services

Should you need help with supporting, customizing or scaling up your existing Salesforce® implementation you have come to the right place.
After implementing Salesforce for the first time there is a need for audit and for supporting the business users in the usage of the system and addressing evolving requirement’s. The whole MVP (minimum viable product) concept is to get going with basics and then get user and process feedback to help you plan and prioritize functionality updates.
We know that processes change and improve over time. You will get requirements in bursts. Sometimes small feature requests need immediate attention. At Thinqloud we understand this and hence have created support and implementation packs that are affordable and flexible to use without putting pressure on you.
Should you need help planning a fresh implementation then do get comfortable with who we are and what we can bring to the table click here

Challenges faced when implementing Salesforce®

  • User requirements become more and more sophisticated over time

  • After the basic implementation of Salesforce® using in-house skills or by a partner there is a constant need for tweaking the application, modifying operation processes, customizing working environments, integration and scaling up use of the application.

  • Requirements most often come in small bursts. It would take way more time and cost if you decided to do it in-house.

  • Smaller implementations may not justify the cost of retaining such talent in-house.

  • Further, a mixed set of skills are required to comprehensively implement Salesforce®. which is generally maintained by a certified Salesforce® partner

  • It is also important to know what features are usable out of the box with some basic configuration and how the base features should be used when custom developing features so that the standard functionality works the way it is intended to.

  • There needs to be a complete understanding of the Salesforce® environment so as to address short, medium and long term goals

Customization Services

Outsource Salesforce® Customization services

Salesforce® CRM is highly customizable by design. CRM Customization helps reflect the business processes in an organization. Thinqloud customization services broadly cover the entire Salesforce® platform.
Before we begin customizing your Salesforce® org, our team will start by looking at what your objectives are and get acquainted with your company and your business processes. Our experience in business process management and our extensive development experience on Salesforce® and platform helps us develop an implementation roadmap. This helps us develop the gaps and a plan for the customizations required. By customizing the functionality of your Salesforce® platform, your organization’s unique requirements can be addressed to enhance your team’s performance.
Our team will understand and tailor make solutions for your unique business needs, leveraging our experience and expertise.

Our Salesforce Customization Services includes

  • Building in features to produce custom reports

  • Development of Visualforce pages, Triggers, Custom Views, Page Layouts, Efficient Workflows, Apex classes

  • Existing app customization as per the business requirement

  • Build custom consoles

  • Build custom calculators

  • Integration of Salesforce environment with other applications

  • Client Oriented UI Design – We help create highly compelling User Interface Design in Lightning to ensure that screen flows and elements are intuitive and improve efficiency

  • Customizing the Salesforce1™ Mobile App for running business on mobile

Integration Services

Salesforce® Integration Services

Achieve the most out of Salesforce®

Data integration and Salesforce® application integration services

Organizations are increasingly deploying applications built upon mobile, cloud. This has led to the constant increase in demand for scalable integration architecture across applications, data, business processes. Thinqloud offers Salesforce® integration solutions for make it easy to integrate Salesforce® CRM, to enterprise applications like ERP, Custom applications. Our team helps resolve complex issues existing within the client’s Enterprise architecture.

Integration Solutions offered by Thinqloud include custom integration services using REST/RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs and any third party ETL solution or middle ware.
We also offer services on MuleSoft® thereby helping companies connect applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with an API-led approach
By using® standard functionality and AppExchange solutions to the greatest extent we provide faster time-to-value and greater cost savings for you. We can help you achieve the most out of Salesforce® Integrated Solution, ensuring more successful and extended use of the Salesforce® platform.
  • Salesforce® integration Design

  •® Integration Development

  • Data and Application Orchestration using Mulesoft (Device integration, Data Transfer, Data Orchestration, Data Integration)

  • Integration Deployment

  • Testing of integration components

  • Salesforce® Custom coding

  • Salesforce® System Integration

Consulting Services

Salesforce®️ Consulting Services

Drive innovation and maximize business value with our Consulting services
These consulting services mainly relate to architecting your solution using Salesforce technologies and integrating the core CRM with third-party applications.
These services also relate to understanding your business processes and plan the use of Salesforce functionality to address them so as to even improve the existing processes. Our leadership team gets involved with the discovery and assists the project team in building the rollout plan.
We follow a process-oriented approach where we define and detail business processes, process transactions, and process activities in a proprietary model that we have customized from standard models. This model has evolved over time.

Our consulting services address the implementation of the following products from Salesforce®

  • Salesforce®️ Sales Cloud

  • Salesforce®️ Commerce Cloud

  • Salesforce®️ Npsp Non Profit Cloud

  • Salesforce®️ Pardot And Marketing Cloud

  • Salesforce®️ Community Cloud

  • Salesforce Products For Specific Needs

  • Salesforce®️ Service Cloud

  • Salesforce®️ Einstein

Product Development with Salesforce®

Solution Development on Salesforce®

Optimize your Product Lifecycle Management with Thinqloud

Developing Software Applications & Products on Salesforce®

We at Thinqloud help organizations in turning business needs and ideas into reality. Our team has experience in building business solutions using Salesforce® products and technologies. We also have the experience of building large enterprise cloud-based software products over the years in various vertical markets. We also have the experience of building integrations with custom implementations and third-party systems. Integration is a key strength. We have extensive experience of integrating various systems with Salesforce using SOAP, REST, BULK and MetaData APIs.
  • Consulting

  • Reduced time to market

  • Full Product Testing Cycle

  • Product Design & Development

  • Experts in building MVPs

  • Product Lifecycle – Roadmap

  • Product Maintenance & Support

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